Thursday, August 03, 2006


Israeli heat, habibi.
Bear with me here and follow the logic.This is the perfect weapon for some idiotic, "courageous," suicide bomber showing off his zeal to his beloved Homodinejad to try a technique, while remaining completely unaware of its potential for destruction. It isn't exactly original, but it's never been tried in this circumstance before.
So let's begin. It's almost like the crazy inventor in "Back to the Future." First, Homodinejad is already overdosing on Israeli heat. It seems to me that it is building to critical mass as I type.
Of course, some more enlightened schoolchildren understand quite well that heat expands, which means that Homodinejad's already flat, wide nostrils are expanding even more and the intense heat is already frying what is left of his brain...but it doesn't end there.
The heat continues to spread throughout his body affecting his internal organs.
Now just imagine that he has just finished a heaping helping of refried beans. There is already megatonnage of explosive hot air desperately needing to be released into the atmosphere.
Now, I, personally would not want to within 10,000 miles of a Homodinejad fart...HOWEVER...his own hordes are already used to his foul smell, so for them, it's a cakewalk to get up close and personal. In fact, he enjoys the real "up close and personal" aspect of being gripped and groped by his androgynous, potentially martyred, boy-toys.
One sweetie-pie with his unibrow properly groomed to be more aesthetically pleasing to the little guy; one spark from a match, a bomb demo, a cigarette, whatever....and Boom, Zowie, Batboy. Homodinejad's molecules go spiraling off into his eternal reward, (which I pray is at least a hideous as he.)
Yeah, it's bizarre, but we ARE talking about the most bizarre bipedal species that has ever populated the earth, aren't we, habibi?


Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Face! As is very apparent in the photo below, ol' Homo looks simply enraptured by the cheek to cheek tenderness between himself and an admiring pretty boy toy. You can almost see the sexual pheromones wafting around them like a sweet summer breeze. But there is nothing sweet about this breeze. In fact it really stinks, especially if the boy toy has his same attitudes about hygiene which are so bad they have been pointed out in news articles.



Saturday, July 15, 2006

Homodinejad Sucks...

Air. Which means that someplace on this earth a deserving child isn't getting enough. (Air.)
If Homodinejad had a conscience, he'd stop breathing as soon as he possibly could just to save a child's life. We would all admire him ever so much more, eh?

Hairy critter, ain't he?